What we offer

The strong industrial base, is complemented by involvement with retail premises, schools and office environments.

Our expertise is in evaluating the current position with respect to preventing injury and compliance and to offer practical progammes to improve health, safety and environment performance. The practical programmes are based on a continuous improvement approach commencing with topics of the highest priority and tailored to the resources of the client. The client's involvement in solutions is paramount and they can expect to do much of the work with support and under guidance from ourselves. We will work along with the client to reach a situation where they can have confidence that have done as much as is reasonably practicable to prevent injury to those in their workplace.

We also offer support for client prescribed health, safety and environmental work.

We have links with other organisations to provide specialist support for topics such as occupational health, environmental accreditation etc.

Client's include:

British Nuclear Fuels Ltd - providing support in a Corporate Team developing Learning from Experience processes.

John Ormond Management Consultants - leading workshop programmes in safety behavioural change. Visit John Ormond website

Woodward S H & E Ltd - delivering training and tutoring in NEBOSH programmes. Contact Woodward S H & E Ltd

Associate Consultant for IRPC - a CRONER CCH company. Visit IRPC website

Implementation of Safety, Health and Environemnt management, loss control and loss prevention computerised systems for CamAxys Ltd. Visit the CamAxys website

Local SMEs and Charities for the development of Health & Safety Management systems and the provision of the Safety Advisor/Manager role.